Halter Silk Spaghetti Strap Casual Dresses for Women

Halter Silk Spaghetti Strap Casual Dresses for Women

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Color : Mix Assorted 

Occasion : Cute Casual Dress

Materials : Silk Dress

Pattern : Strap Back Dress

Category : Pretty Casual Dress

Style : Spaghetti Strap Dresses

Measure (Approx.): Bust: 22 to 44 inches & Height : 57 Inches 

Halter Silk Spaghetti Strap Casual dress is fit for special events such as marriage or engagement parties or any other occasion where you are expected to look stylish and decent at the same time. It has a slit at the center to the knee and the ends are done with beautiful lace border that goes up to the waistline and to the chest. The dress is flowy because of the light but durable cloth. The beautiful dye and random color shades make a breath-taking pattern that makes it difficult to take your eyes off. This is our one of the most beautiful dresses.those dresses made with vintage fabric so flaw may be there need to accommodate

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