16 Yard Skirts

Wholesale Vintage Skirts/Printed Skirts/Dancer Skirts

16-Yard Skirts are an exceptional and most in-demand category available exclusively on Store333.com. These come in a number of styles, materials, fabrics and can be used for various purposes. The prints on these are one of the most immaculately designed works by skilled designers. Available in Multicolor, Solids and Printed variants. There are a couple of different styles like ruffles or layers, as well as woven wrap designs. That you can get your hands on, only at Store333. The Dancer Skirts are for practicing or professional level dancers but also look amazing when paired with everyday tops and jackets to make for outfits ranging from the casual to festive category. The Vintage Saree Skirt is a beautifully stitched, multi-layered skirt in a saree-like fabric to add to the ethnic vibe in a fashionable look. 16-yard Skirts also make for a significant part of any Dance Costume.

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