Stonewash Dresses

  • Ladies 2 Pc Pants Set
    From: US$17.00
  • From: US$17.00
  • short bodycon homecoming dresses
    From: US$13.00
  • Sleeveless Full Length Stonewash Dresses for Women
    From: US$10.00
  • From: US$10.00
  • Women Plus Size Cocktail Dress Online Australia
    From: US$14.00
  • Knee Length Button Down Dress
    From: US$17.00
  • Women Stonewash Button Dress
  • women's short sleeve shirt dress
    From: US$17.00

Printed and Embroidered Dresses

Stonewash is a process through which we make our acid-washed dresses and ponchos to get the perfect design and variation in prints and colors to cater to all your styling needs. We also have some of the most intricately embroidered pieces in the Stonewash Dress Category to layer up these dresses’ jazz. Available in high-size-inclusivity, these dresses come in a variety of styles, like Long Summer Renaissance Maxi Dresses to Short and Minimal Length Embroidery Dresses. Find highly refreshing styles at the most minimalist pricing at for all your everyday and party wear, as well as all your Reselling needs.

Here at Store333 we try to continuously make premium quality clothing and provide it for customers at wholesale prices and for sale on many items. We also make custom clothing just to ensure that our customers are happy and they get what they want, so if you require something of your choice, we’ll make it for you. We tend to make it easy for our re-sellers by giving our wholesale women’s clothing at a very low price and with clearance sales it gets even more economical.

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