How are we different from our competitors?

We go in depth to study any request for developments and give you properly analyzed answers for possibilities / varieties. We believe business is generated through good relationships and not by just producing items. We are ready to be a partner by combining your ideas of profits with our needs.


What is the sample availability time and costs?

Paid samples are available upon request and usually take 4 business days to deliver via FedEx/DHL.


What shipping/packing policy is followed normally?

We use quality packaging according to care needed for the item. We use DHL and Fedex other option we use on buyers request. Normally use air; sea can be used on request.


What payment options are there?

PayPal, Credit Card, Bank Transfer and other ways as mutually agreed.


Is there any option to change specifications in items?

Yes, customization is possible for any themes/color schemes, which you can provide us with and we will not charge you anything for it unless required.


What manufacturing facilities are available?

We are merchant exporters and have dedicated units in various fields of manufacturing expertise to work for us and deliver the desirable result. Therefore, we can produce quantities according to needs.


How can I see a range of a specific product category?

You can request us for the sample photos of the product category in which you are interested in and we shall send you pictures of those by e-mail along with target price and specifications.


Is there a bulk order discount or a special season off?

Yes, it depends on season, interested item and quantity.


How often do you update your website?

We are always adding new merchandise. We carry largest selections of wholesale clothing in the world and due to high demand we need to update our collection frequently.

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