Sari Skirts

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  • Women Beachwear Sunday Wrap Around Skirt...


    Color : Assorted Collection
    Materials : Silk
    Measure (Approx.): Height: 36 inches & Width: 47 inches


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  • Vintage Indian silk mini wrap magic skirt 20"
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  • Wholesale Patch Wrap Skirts Made in India
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  • 10 Magic wrap skirt plus size - Vintage Skirts 36 inches XL
  • Diamond cut American Junglee wrap skirt small

    Diamond cut American Junglee wrap skirt ...


    Color : Assorted Collection
    Materials : Art Silk
    Pattern : Sari Skirts
    Category : Junglee Skirts
    Style : Short Skirts
    Measure (Approx.): Width: 47 inches & Height : 24 inches
    Note: This is uneven hem wrap skirt

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  • From: US$9.00
  • Small Length Plus Size Wrap Around Sari ...

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  • From: US$9.00
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  • 10 magic wrap skirt mini 16" ethically made
    From: US$8.00
  • 20 Magic Silk sari wrap skirt 30"
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  • 10 Magic wrap skirt plus size - Vintage Skirts 36 inches XL

    Plus size sari wrap skirt 36″ Xtra...

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  • Vintage sari silk skirts 20″ ethic...

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  • 10 magic wrap skirt mini 16" ethically made

    Small Size Wrap Sari Skirt 16″ for...

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  • 25 Vintage sari skirts wholesale small 24"
  • reversible skirts
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  • From: US$9.00
  • 10 magic wrap skirt mini 16" ethically made

    Beach Sarong Magic Wrap Skirts Mini 16&#...

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  • 10 Magic wrap  skirt Australia 30"
  • 10 Reversible magic wrap skirt Mid Length Plus Size (30XL)

Wrap Around Silk Skirts/Lace Print Sari Silk Wrap Skirt

Silk Wrap Around Skirts are an altogether different variety, something you might have never come across in any market till now. Still, here at wevez, We bring you an In-house collection of our premium Silk Sari Skirts Category. Made up of Sari-like fabric, these are a fusion wear design that can be styled a multitude of ways, like a full-length or a crop top, like a regular, or a flowy skirt. You can also pair two skirts together styling one of them as a top and the other as a skirt. There are so many more styles you can achieve exploring through this category where you can find pieces like Mini and Short Wrap Around Silk Skirts, Medium Sari Wrap Skirts, as well as Long Sari Skirts Wrap. These are available in all regular and plus sizes like all other pieces at

These sari silk wrap skirt are hand made by us from recycled sari. We make these sari wrap skirt in multiple size Mini (20 inches length), short (24 inches length), medium (30 inches length), long (36 inches length) and plus size (36 inches length but more waist size) sari skirts.


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