25 yard tribal belly dance skirt products - Single Colours

Measure (Approx):Waist: 30 to 50" inches stretchable elastic; Length: 37" inchesLining used: yes sh..


Aishwarya Skirts Glorious Satin Skirt

Style: Satin skirts Note: Design and color on bottom border may be different in actual pr..


Multicolor New Style Flamenco Skirts

Fabric: SatinMeasurement (appx):Waist: 30 to 50 inchesHeight: 37 inchesDance to your groove while we..


Persian tribal dance skirt New style

Style: Satin skirts We use fine quality cotton fabric make these dance skirts. You will love..


Solo improvisation dance skirt

Style: Satin skirts We use fine quality cotton fabric make these dance skirts. You will love t..



スタイル:フルスカート カテゴリー:25ヤードスカート 対策(約): ウエスト:30〜46インチ(最大117センチメートル)は、弾性伸縮性 長さ:36〜37イン..


25 Yard Tribal Skirt variation 50 Colors

Style: Full Skirt Category: 25 Yard Skirts Features & Measure (Approx): Waist: 30 t..


Flamenco satin skirts for sale - Dancing Skirts

Style: Satin Skirt Category: 25 Yard Skirts Measure (Approx): Waist: 30 to 52 in..


Flamenco skirts for women - Red/Black

Fabric: Satin Polyester Style: Flamanco Category: Tribal dance Skirts Measure (Approx): Height..


Ultra Gypsy Tribal Belly Dance Tie Dye Skirts

Note: Color of the recieived skirt may be different because these skirts random tie dye so each..


25 Yard Tribal Skirt 40" Inches Long

Style: Full Skirt  ; Category: 25 Yard Skirts Note: This listing is o..


25 Yard Polka dot skirts variation

Style: Polka Skirt Category: Tribal Dance Skirts Measure (Approx): ​Waist: 30 to 4..


25 Yard Tribal Dancing Skirt

Style: 25 Yard skirts Fabric: Sari Features & Measure (Approx): Waist: 30 to 50" inches stretchab..


Custom Order 25 Yard Tribal Skirt Colour or Size

Custom Order: Please mention your required height and waist. In case of no detail will ship standard..


25 Yard Cupcake Skirts Lace Trim Variation

Style: Cotton skirts Note: Please choose lace color of skirt from options Please do acco..


Sari Trim Skirt Lotus

Sari Trim Skirt Lotus Style: Cotton skirts Note: Design and color on bottom border may be differen..


Women Tribal Cotton Belly Dance Skirt

Style: Cotton skirts Measure (Approx): Waist: 30 to 50" inches stretchable elastic ..


Whole Sale Women Padma Lotus Skirt

Style: Cotton skirtsColour: Please choose from the available options. Please do accommodate us..


25 Yard Satin Multi-Colour Gypsy Belly Dance Flamenco Skirt

Fabric: Satin Polyester Style: Heavy Flamanco Skirt Category: Tribal dance Skirts ..


25Yard Skirts

25Yard Skirts

Belly Dance Skirts/Flamenco Skirts/Jaipuri Skirts

25-yard Skirts are popularly known as The Belly Dance Skirts. This is because these skirts have a huge 25-yard hemline which enables belly dancers to use the skirt as both an outfit and a prop to play around with through the flexibility in their moves and style. These come in fabrics like Cotton, Polyester, Georgette and Blends. The Tie-dye collection, an In-House Product at  Store333.com, is one of the bestselling 25-yard Belly Dance Skirts in the market today. The specialty of this range is that they are not only handmade but also available in a variety of colors and fabrics, both solids and multicolor variants, through customization available at the Wevez Brand Store—Store333.com. Skirts at Store333 are the most size-inclusive and budget-friendly finds you’ll find in the market. Store333 has some sub-categories in this type like Plain Skirts, Multi Dye, Flamenco, Jaipur Polka Dot, Padma Lotus Skirts and Border Lace Skirts. Explore through the best range in the market with us. 

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