Who are we?:

value for money

Store333 is a women’s wholesale apparel store. We are a group of garment sourcing experts, auditors, manufacturers, fashion designers, and expert tailors. We strive to ensure that you’re getting the very best in terms of style, quality, and value for money with each product.

Our Production:

own production
Working directly with our production team allows us to eliminate all intermediaries and exercise direct quality control while keeping the prices affordable.
We believe in sustainable production and strive to ensure that no child labor is used in the entire supply chain. Following Fair Trade & Ethical Trade guidelines is of the utmost importance for us.

Order Fulfillment:

fast shipping
We are always trying to ensure that our customers are satisfied and happy with their experience when buying from us. Our warehouse is exceptionally efficient at processing orders. We ship 90% of our orders within 1 business day. If there is a delay, we guarantee to notify the customer within one business day.

Customer Support:

customer service
Our customers’ questions/inquiries/complaints are addressed within 24 hours of contact. We take any and all complaints from our customers extremely seriously and strive to provide the best possible solutions quickly and efficiently.

Shipping Partners:

shipping partners
We partner with leading shipping companies like DHL, FedEx, UPS, and Aramex to ship to more than 100 countries. We believe in long-term partnerships and healthy relationships with our business partners and customers.

Trusted Brand:

trusted brand
We appreciate and thank our customers who have been with us for more than 10 years. And at that time, we have become synonymous with “quality clothing at affordable prices”.

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