Wholesale Unisex Multicolored Patch Work Shirt Top

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Color : Assorted Collection
Occasion : Boho Festival Holiday
Material : Cotton Festival Bohemian Retro Patch
Pattern : Collarless Patchwork
Style : Long Sleeve
Measure (Approx.): Select from Option
XL Size: Bust
: 46 inches & Length: 29 inches
L Size: Bust: 44 inches & Length: 28 inches

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Multicolor patchwork shirt long sleeve

A Multicolor Patch work Shirt with Long Sleeves is a striking and artistic shirt that features a patchwork design composed of various colors and fabrics for mens and women. The long sleeves provide added coverage and versatility. This shirt is a unique and eye-catching addition to your wardrobe, perfect for those who appreciate eclectic and bohemian styles. It can be worn casually for a statement look or dressed up for a more fashion-forward ensemble. The combination of colors and patterns in the patchwork design adds visual interest and personality to your outfit. Whether you’re attending a music festival, exploring an artsy neighborhood, or simply want to express your individuality through fashion, a Multicolor Patchwork Shirt with Long Sleeves is a bold and stylish choice.

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Multicolored Patch Work Shirt

Wholesale Unisex Multicolored Patch Work Shirt Top

From: US$12.00

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