05 Pcs Women's Travel Dresses For Summer

05 Pcs Women's Travel Dresses For Summer

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  • $70.00

Style:  Half sleeve Travel Dress
Category: Women's Travel Dresses

Quantity: 05 pcs

Measure (Approx.):
Bust: 44 inches Height: 58 inches
Color: assorted  colors

This is a travel dress cum shrug style apparel. Completely modern and sensual, you can wear this dress as it is with Kitten or Platform heels with Choker necklace and a wristlet or wear it over short skirts and mini tops as well. It comes in scintillating colors and designs that are so striking and gives a glittery look. The dress has laces round the waist to wrap it in any fashion you want and that also beautifies it from the back. You can wear it as a beach robe as well. Sleeves are just longer than the elbows. It is a must have for every woman.

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