Pack of 05 Women V Neck Midi Dresses

Pack of 05 Women V Neck Midi Dresses

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Category: Women's Midi Dress
Style: V-Neck Midi Dress
 05 Dress
Color: Mix Assorted
Measurement (appx):
Bust: 40 inches
Height: 54 inches

Fabric: 100% Silk 

Make space in your closet for these 5 sets of midi dresses. These are high low dresses, meaning that the front hem is short while the back hem is long. The sleeves and hem have ruffled folds, giving the dress a boho vibe. The floral digital print and the colours of the dresses add to making the dress vibrant and fun. The dresses have V-necks and a high waistline, just below the chest. Looks best with kitten heels or gladiators.

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