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  • 15 Yards Tribal Belly Dance Skirts for Practice - 10 Pc Pack
  • $275.00
  • $120.00$140.00
  • 05 Indian banjara tribal skirts
  • 12 yard Wholesale Quantity Lot
    From: $280.00
  • 25 yard Tie Dye Skirts wholesale

    From: $185.00
  • $50.00
  • 10 Diamond cut style multi color skirts
  • 25 Yard Tribal Skirt Wholesale Lot  Skirts
    From: $320.00
  • Spanish Folkloric Dance Polka Dot Skirt ...

    From: $440.00
  • Wholesale Arabian dancer costume skirts -50 Pc Pack

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Skirts have been in trend for centuries now, and styles like Vintage and Regional still look as aesthetic and beautiful when worn as ever. Seeing the love for this style, retail store prices are hiked up by quite a few folds. With our range of Wholesale Skirts, we solve the issue of the huge price hike, offering you premium quality Skirts at the most budget-friendly pricing. Some of the star pieces and bestsellers are the Tie-Dye Collection of Wholesale Skirts. Once you buy the Mini and Long Wrap Skirts, you’ll know they are ones you won’t be able to get enough of. From Pixie Style Skirts to Petticoats, Tribal Pieces to our range of Belly Dance Skirts, From the Bohemian Skirt Collection to the Indian Ethnic Skirts, there’s so much we have in store for you that the list would just go on.

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