Women Long Hippi Thai Bohemian Maxi Skirts - 10 Pc Set

Women Long Hippi Thai Bohemian Maxi Skirts - 10 Pc Set

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Style: Thai Asymmetric Boho skirts
Color: Assorted 
Category: Multi Wear skirt
Quantity: 10 skirts
Measurement (appx):
Waist: 23 to 52 inches (stretchable)
Height: 38 inches

Breezy Boho Maxi Skirt Bohemian Clothing Gypsy Skirt Boho  One Size Fits  Asymmetric hem design.
This skirt can be worn as a dress as well.

Hippies Style Bohemian Long Maxi Thai Skirt is a two in one dress. You can wear it as a skirt or style it as dress on its own. These skirts have sufficient length made for the purpose to serve both as a skirt and as a dress. Rich and attractive embroidery and prints, the myriad colours and the fitting is a unique and hard to find combo. You can wear this skirt to anywhere and steal everyone’s heart and feel the best. Smartly designed to go by every top and accessory, this is the perfect choice for summers, mild and even cold weathers. The fabric is light in weight but it has several layers that makes it more fashionable and durable.

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