Plus Size Apparel

  • From: US$10.00
  • From: US$10.00
  • From: US$11.00
  • Going Out Dress Affordable Clothing for Young Women
    From: US$13.00
  • From: US$10.00
  • Vintage Magic Wrap Skirt Plus Size 36 in...

    From: US$10.00
  • Plus Size Tribal  tops

    Plus Size Tribal Blouse Top for Women Wh...

  • 10  Trouser Silk Style Harem Pants XL Size
    From: US$9.00
  • From: US$14.00
  • 10 Summer Sleeve Loose Dresses
    From: US$10.00
  • beach maxi dress
    From: US$12.00
  • From: US$10.00

What We Consider Plus Size :

Our wholesale plus size apparel products offer both comfort and style. We always carry hundreds of formal, summer and tribal designs in large size tops, dresses, pants, skirts, scarves, Ponchos and jackets and even plus size dance clothing items.

Keeping this thought in mind, we curate our collection of apparels in order to suit all body types from Regular to Plus Sizes. This section has been specially created for the distinct collection of some stunning pieces that we have in the Plus Size Apparel Variety like our: Tribal Tops for Belly Dancers, Elegant Evening Short Summer Dresses, Swimwear and Beachwear collection of printed Ponchos and Maxi-dress coverups. We also have some party wear variants like our Tie-dye boutique dresses and wrap skirts that have been our showstopper pieces. Find all kinds of Tops, Pants, Skirts, and a lot more in this section, which are very popular in Europe the United States and Australia.

What is Plus Size for us?

Tops / Dresses (Upper): Bust 46 inches or more
Pant / Skirt (Bottom): Waist 46 inches or more

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