100 Dress Tie Dye Casual Dresses for Women

100 Dress Tie Dye Casual Dresses for Women

  • Product Code : 238415
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  • $600.00

Quantity: 100 Dress
Color: Mix assorted colors
Category: Women Dress
Measurement (Appx):
Bust: 46 inches
Height: 47 inches

This is a Tie Dye Casual Dress with a wide neck collar patch covering the chest and the bust. It has a floral vine and random zig-zag embroidery. This is a smart sleeveless maxi dress that you can wear to every party or formal event. The body has vertical tire stripes widely spaced. The hem has a heart and randomly shaped embroidery and has the same dark colour as the bodice and the neck. Available colours are blue and green.

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