05 Spaghetti Strap Embroidered Dresses for Women

05 Spaghetti Strap Embroidered Dresses for Women

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Style: Spaghetti Strap Dress
Category: Embroidered Dresses
Color: Mix assorted colors
Measurement (appx):
Bust: 30 to 44 inches
Height: 52 inches
Weight: 610 grams (single dress)

This Spaghetti Strap Embroidered Dress is intricately designed and carefully embroidered on the cloths endings, skirt and flounce. The elastic on the bodice is so chic and forms the main attraction of the garment. The dress is made in a layered style and unique cuts. There are many colours and the fabric is soft and skin friendly. It is a comfortable and cool wear for summers. Ballies sandals look amazing with this dress.

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