Pack of 05 Women Sleeveless Swing Dress

Pack of 05 Women Sleeveless Swing Dress

  • Product Code : 239327
  • Availability : 34
  • $75.00

Product: Sleeveless Dress
Quantity: 05 Piece with mix colors.
Category: Women Dresses
Style: Summer Dress
Fabric : Rayon
Measurement (appx):
Bust: 28 to 42 Inches
Height: 40 Inches

Add to your closet these women's sleeveless swing dresses available at Store333. They are a pack of 5 dresses each of which is of a different colour. They are made of the finest quality rayon fabric. They have a bust of 28 inches stretchable up to 42 inches and a length of 40 inches. They can be worn on various occasions, like for outings, festivals, beaches and many more.

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