50 Sleeveless Jumper Dress Jumpsuit Dangri Style

50 Sleeveless Jumper Dress Jumpsuit Dangri Style

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  • $700.00

Style: Sleeveless Jumpers

Fabric: Rayon
Color: Mix assorted colors


Dangri Style (Adjustable with buttons)
Shoulder strap: adjustable

Size Measurement (appx):

Chest: 42 inches
Waist : 40 inches
Inseam: 29 inches

Step out in these dungri style jumper dresses. They are available in a set of 02. They are made of rayon fabric and are of mixed assorted colours. The jumper is sleeveless. The jumper has buttons for adjustability. The shoulder strap is also adjustable. They have pockets at the front of the pants as well as the front torso. They also have two drawstrings to tie at the back. The garment has embroidery patterns on it.

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