Short Wrap Skirts

  • Diamond cut American Junglee wrap skirt ...


    Color : Assorted Collection
    Materials : Art Silk
    Pattern : Sari Skirts
    Category : Junglee Skirts
    Style : Short Skirts
    Measure (Approx.): Width: 47 inches & Height : 24 inches
    Note: This is uneven hem wrap skirt

  • Samll Length Wrap Skirt Plus Size for Wo...


Vintage Wrap Magic Skirts

Our Short Wrap Skirts collection has a fantastic range of Sari Skirts for you in some very cute, chic, and stylish designs and beautiful prints. This variety includes skirt sizes like 20- and 24-inch variants. Some of these variants are Diamond Cut Sari Skirts, Magic Wrap Skirt dresses, American Junglee Wrap Skirts, Two Layer Silk Skirts. Most of these pieces have multi-layered fabrics with various prints in contrasting shades so that you can create multiple looks with a single piece or maybe layer one of these as a sleeveless top and the other over that a skirt. The Vintage and Diamond cut variants from among these are some of our bestsellers and sell out more quickly than all other pieces—grab them before they sell out!

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