05 Pcs Lot of 24 inch Diamond Cut Sari Skirt

Style:  Wrap Skirts Quantity: 05 PcsColor: Mix assorted Measure (Approx): Height: 24 inchesWais..


5 Short Magic wrap skirt dress 20"

Style:  WRAP Quantity: 5 Pcs Color: You will get same as picture Category: Ma..


05 Magic skirt multi wear silk 24"

Category: Magic skirts  ;Style:  Wrap magic Quantity: 05 skirts  ;Color: Mix Measure (Approx):  He..


5 Wrap magic skirts transformer dress small

Category: Magic skirts  ;Style:  Wrap magic Quantity: 5 Pcs ; Color: ..


5 Vintage wrap magic skirt 24"

Style:  WRAP Quantity: 5 Pcs Color: Same as picture Measure (Approx): Height:&n..


10 Diamond cut American Junglee wrap skirt small

Style:  Wrap skirt Quantity: 10 Pcs Color: Mix assorted Measure (Approx): Heigh..


10 SMALL Length Plus Size Wrap Around Sari Skirts

Style:  Wrap magic Color: Mix assorted Measure (Approx): Height: 24" inches Waist: 58" inches ..


20 Two layer sari silk skirts 24"

Style:  Wrap magic Quantity: 20 Pcs Color: Mix assorted Measure (Approx): Height: 24" inches ..


Lot of 20 Saree skirt Diamond Cut Style 24 Inch Length

Quantity: 20 PcsColor: Mix assorted Measure (Approx): Height: 24 inches Width: 47 inches ..


25 Vintage sari skirts wholesale small 24"

Style:  Wrap magic Quantity: 25 Pcs Color: Mix assorted Measure (Approx): Height: 24" inches ..


50 Vintage sari skirts wholesale Small

Style:  Wrap magic Quantity: 50 Pcs Color: Mix assorted Measure (Approx): Height: 24" inches ..


Short Wrap Skirts

Vintage Wrap Magic Skirts

Wrap magic skirts are made of vintage sari can be wear in more than 100 ways. These skirts are also called magic skirts and magic wrap skirts. Avail free shipping will purchase of every magic skirt from Wevez.

Wholesale Short Size Recycled Sari Skirt in Diamond cut style, wrap around multi wear skirt style.

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