Pack of White Midi Floral Dress

Style: Floral Print DressesCategory: Wholesale Midi DressesMeasurement (appx):Bust: 4..


Lot of 05 Singapore Tie Dye Hippie Dress

Style: Tie Dye Summer DressMaterial: RayonMeasurement (approx):Bust: inches; Height: ..


Maternity long rayon dress 05 Piece Wholesale

Style: Baby Doll Tie Dye Quantity: 05 Dress Category: Women Rayon Dresses Measur..


05 Korean Style Summer Dress

Style: Summer RayonCategory: Korean Fashion Online Quantity: 5 Pcs Measure (Approx):Bust: 44 inc..


05 Pc Women's Short Sleeve Loose Swing Casual Dress

Quantity: 05 pcs Category: Swing Dresses Fabric: RayonMeasure (Approx):Bust: 48 inc..


05 Pcs Elegant Evening Summer Dresses for Women

Quantity: 05 pcs Fabric: RayonCategory: Sleeveless DressMeasurement (appx)Bust: 52 i..


05 pcs Pack of Ladies Sleeveless Knee Length Dresses

Style: Embroidery Dress Quantity: 05 pcs Category: Tie Dye Dresses Measure (Appr..


05 Pcs Pack of Plus Size Short Sleeve Summer Dresses

Category: Plus Size Dress Quantity: 05 pcs Measure (Approx):Bust: 50 inchesHeight:&nbs..


05 Rayon Tie Dye Summer/Beach Dresses

Style: Beach Dress Category: Rayon DressesColor: Mix assorted design and colorsMeasure (A..


05 Wevez Summer Colour Handmade Dresses Online

Style: Multicolour Dress Quantity: 05 pcs Category: Loose Dresses Measure (Appro..


Lot of 05 Designer Ethnic Print Dresses for Women

Style: Ethnic Print Quantity: 05 pcs Category: Wholesale Maternity Dresses Measu..


Lot of 05 Ombre A-Line Sleeveless Dress

Style: Ombre Quantity: 05 pcs Category: A-Line Wholesale Dresses Measure (Approx..


Lot of 05 Summer Retro Party Tie Dye Dresses

Style: Retro Party Style Quantity: 05 pcs Category: Wholesale Tie Dye Dresses Me..


Pack of 05 Casual Tie Dyed Color Women's Maxi Dress

Quantity: 05 pcsStyle: Multi Colour Summer DressColor: Mix assortedMeasure (Approx):B..


Wholesale Pack of 05 Summer Dress with Short Sleeve

Style: Summer Dress Quantity: 05 pcs Category: Sleeve DressColour: 4/5 colours M..


05 Wholesale Women Short Dress

Style: Multi Colour Club Dresses Category: Short Dresses Quantity: 05 PcsColor:&nbs..


Pack of 05 Sleeveless Loose Party Club Wear Dress

Quantity: 05 pcsColor: Mix assorted colors Category: Party DressesBust: 28 to 48 inchesHeight: 46 i..


10 Plus Size Office wear Summer dress Europe

Quantity: 10 pcs Bust (appx): 52 inchesHeight (appx): 44 inchesColor: Mix assorted&n..


05 Australia Knee Length Summer Women Dresses

Style: Boho DressColor: Mix assorted colors available 4 colors Measurement (appx): Height: ..


05 Tie Dye Wholesale Boutique Dresses for Ladies

Quantity: 05 pcsColor: Mix assorted colors Category: Women DressMeasurement (appx):B..


10 High Quality Boutique Wholesale Rayon Dresses

Style: Batik Dress Category: Rayon DressesColor: Mix assorted Measure (Approx):Bust: 44 inches Heig..


10 Chinese style ladies summer dress

Style: Baby Doll Tie Dye Category: Rayon Dresses ;  Measurement (approx): Bust: 44 inches Height:..


10 Hawaian Summer rayon dress

Quantity: 10 pcsCategory: Summer Rayon Dresses Measure (Approx):Bust: 46 inch..


10 Ladies Rayon Maxi Dresses

Style: Summer Dress Quantity: 10 pcs Category: Rayon Dresses Measurement (approx..


10 Pcs Pack of Australian Tie Dye Dresses for Women

Quantity: 10 pcsColor: Mix assorted colors Category: Women Dresses ..


10 Plain White (Only) Sleeveless Dress

Style: Plain Sleeveless Dress Quantity: 10 pcs Category: Rayon Dresses Measure (..


10 Rayon Summer Dress with sleeves new casual

Style: Baby Doll Tie Dye Quantity: 10 pcs Category: Rayon Dresses Measurement (a..


10 Sleeveless Women Long Tie Dye Dress

Style: Tie Dye Dresses Long Quantity: 10 pcs    : Fabric : 100% Rayon ..


10 Tie Dye Sun Dress for Women

Quantity: 10 pcs Fabric: Rayon Color: Mix assorted design and colorsMeasurement (ap..


10 Wevez Summer Dresses for Women

Quantity: 10 Dresses Style: Summer Dresses for Women Color: Mix assorted colors Category: Wevez D..


10 White Daytime Dresses for Women

Style: White Dresses Collection Category: Wholesale Rayon DressesQuantity: 10 P..


Tie Dye Casual Dresses for Women 10 Dress

Quantity: 10 Dress Color: Mix assorted colors Category: Women DressMeasurement (Appx):Bu..


10 Long Australia Womens Dresses

Style: Tie Dye Dresses Long Quantity: 10 pcsColor: Mix assorted colors Category: Women DressesMeas..


10 Summer Sleeveless Loose Long Maxi Dress

Style: Loose Dresses Quantity: 10 Dress Category: Maxi DressesColor: Mix assor..


Umbrella Tie Dye Baby Doll Maxi 20 Pcs Lot

Style: Summer Wear Category: Rayon Dresses Size: Bust: 48 inches Height: 42 inches (Free Size-Fits..


20 Kanadischen Stil Sommer kleid

Stil: Sommer kleider Material: Rayon  Versand: Kostenlos  Maße (ca.):  Größe: F..


20 Pcs Rayon Maternity Evening Dresses

Style: Baby Doll Tie Dye Category: Rayon Dresses Color: Mix assorted  Measurement (appx):  Bust:..


Girls Rayon tie dye dress pack of 20

Style: Baby Doll Tie Dye Quantity: 20 Pcs Category: Rayon Dresses Measure (Appro..


Ladies casual summer dress 20 Pcs lot

Style: Baby Doll Tie Dye Category: Rayon DressesMeasure (Approx):Bust: 46 inches Height: 43 inches ..


50 Pcs Lot of Rayon summer dress for women

Style: Baby Doll Tie Dye Category: Rayon Dresses Measure (Approx):Bust: 46 inches Height: 41 inc..


100 Multicolour Floral Street-wear Summer Maxi Dress

This one is make to order need 40 days to get order ready.Style: Casual Street wear Category:&..


100 Pcs Women Casual Summer Sleeveless Dress

Measurement (appx):Bust: 46 inchesHeight: 40 InchesCategory: Beautiful Sleeveless Dresses..


Maxi Dresses

Maxi Clothing Wholesale Suppliers and Manufacturer serving business owners spread out across the globe. We have specialisation in manufacturing of large quantity of fashion maxi dresses and Tops and delivering to thousands of bulk buyers in the world.

Maxi dresses are the new definition of fashion these days, as they are extremely comfortable and yet make you look gorgeous. Make it even more radiant with Store333 an online retailer and wholesaler of women clothing. We provide you with all kinds of wholesale maxi dresses, from printed to tie-dye, casual to party wear and even office wear as well, you can get wholesale umbrella dresses and evening dresses on our online store of wholesale women clothing.

You can define us as evening dresses wholesalers, due to our reputation of making beautiful premium elegant dresses with precision of designs with the help of our experts and closely monitored in-house manufacturing. From on-trendy to classic casual there are all kinds of Indian wholesale women maxi dresses from new arrivals to on sale items for different personalities. You get everything at wholesale prices and with free delivery to most countries.

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