50 Wholesale Vintage Designer Hand Crafted Clutch Wallet Purse 6"x9"

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Quantity: 50 purse bags

Gypsy bags. Colorful and vintage touches, the bags are all the rage in the streets and among the most copied celebrities, Miley Cyrus to Julia Roberts, are on an ethnic and worldly.

These bags are being imposed with great success since the summer, but you can continue using them throughout the fall, have prints that hark back to the original peoples of the most diverse places in the world, including Burma, Ecuador and Guatemala. Why not give them a break with your leather bags and stroll around with a colorful gypsy portfolio? 

Variety is the key: gypsy bags are made in fabrics of different colors, and may also have embroidery, braids and varied decorative elements, such as beads, mirrors, tassels and even small coins.

Of course, the wonderful gypsy bags deserve a special place in the composition of your look ... At the time of use, prefer to dress in neutral colors-black, white, earth tones and jeans, and no prints.

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