Long Wrap Skirts

Bohemian Print Long Wrap Skirts

Completely un-winnable like a traditional Sari, the Long Wrap Skirts are a collection of some gorgeous pieces that will dazzle like a dream fetching you a lot of compliments when you wear it in that all Fusion and Boho vibe, to the next party, brunch, or get-together. An absolute favorite among our buyers, the Long Wrap Skirts can be styled with Crop Tops or Camisoles. These are a totally different vibe when styled with a turtleneck full-sleeved blouse and at the same time go very well with balloon tops and off-shoulder puff-tops. Another option could be layering two of these together as a top and a skirt. Available in a 36-inch variety, you can wear these on their own as pretty skirt dresses or style them with other size variants of the same category.

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