Pack of 10 Long Backless Loose Dress

Pack of 10 Long Backless Loose Dress

  • Product Code : 232034
  • Availability : 16
  • $70.00

Style: Backless
Feature: Comfortable fitting sundress
Measurement (appx):
Height: 56 inches
Bust: 40 inches stretchable up to 62 inches

Flaunt these breathtaking long dresses. They are available in a set of 10. These dresses are long and are backless. They have two thin strings that are tied across the shoulder to the back of your neck. They are available in various colours. The dresses have stripes like patterns in white. The hem of the dresses are uneven and are wave-like. Wearing them with kitten heels or ballerina pumps gives you a boho look.

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