15 Yards Overstock Sale Fusion Gypsy Skirt - 17A8

15 Yards Overstock Sale Fusion Gypsy Skirt - 17A8

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  • $26.00

Height: 37 inches
Waist: 30 to 50 inches

15 yards fusion Gypsy skirt stitched in a level style with 4 joints that are expertly stitched that they themselves are a beauty to see. The flounce has a nice lace and the bottom two layers have square and circle intricate prints that enhance the plain light skirt colour. The second layer is the main layer with dense printing of small and cute triangles and the top layer is again a contrasting layer with a light colour that makes you look super stylish. When paired with Stiletto heels, this orange and brown coloured skirt lets you set your own tone at every party. Buy now and get this super skirt for a discount in the overstock sale.

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