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04 Arabic Belly Dance Sagats / Zills

Quantity: 4 pcs or say 2 pairs Zills Size: 2 inches Category: Zills Finger CymbalsDesign: LotusCol..


10 Belly dance hip scarves for kids

Product: Belly dance hip scarfs kids Size : Kid/ Child Quantity: 10 pcs in different color Measur..


12 Belly dance hip scarfs for Halloween

Product: Belly dance hip scarfs for Halloween Color : mix Quantity: 12 scarves Measurement ( Appr..


12 Belly dance Multi Color Scarves

Color: Mix Assorted Colours Quantity: 12 Pcs Category: Belly Dance Hip Scarfs Measure (Approx):..


16 Indian Gothic Belly Dance Zills for Sale

Quantity: 16 pcs or say 8 pairsSize of Zill: 2.25" inches Category: Gothic Belly Dance SuppliesZill..


160 Belly Dance Finger Cymbals Zills

Quantity: 160 pcs or say 80 pairs Size (Diameter): 2.25 inches Category: Tribal Belly Da..


2 Pairs Bellydance Traditional Contemporary Sagats / Clappers

Quantity: 4 pcs or say 2 pairs Size: 2.25" inches or say 6 cms (approx) Material: Steel Zills Cat..


50 cuff Belly Dancing Hand Bracelets Bands with Silver Coins

Great Item with matching colors to your costumes. One can use this on wrist or legs. Size: one fits..


50 Gold Coins Chiffon Belly Dance Elastic Wristbands

Size: one fits to most of size.Quantity: 50 pcs or say 25 pairs Color: Mix assorted Fabric: 100% p..


Afghani tribal belly dance belt

Product: Afghani tribal belly dance belt ..


Beauty Belly Dance Costumes Cheap and best Hip Belts

Measurements (approx) Length is 40"inches (100cms)  Decorated part approx: 30"inches (75cms) Cate..


Tribal belly dance belt 10 Pc Multi Scarves

Quantity: 10 beltsMeasurements (approx) Length is 50"inches (125cms) Decorated part approx: 23"inc..


Wholesale 16 Middle Eastern Finger Cymbals

Quantity: 16 pcs or say 8 pairs Diameter Size: 2.5 inches Material: Steel Zills Category: Wholesa..


Wholesale 16 Zildjian Zills Finger Cymbals Belly Dance

Quantity: 16 pcs or say 8 pairs Size: 2.25 Inches DiameterCategory: Baladi Sagats ZillsColor: Golde..


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