Belly Dance Zills

Wholesale Belly Dance Finger Cymbals (Zills)

Zills are nothing but flattened brass (and sometimes steel) bells that usually suspend from your fingers. The width of the rim the shape of the bell, and the quality or thickness of the brass will surely affect the sound of the zills when they ring. Typically, zills of similar material and shape will all sound unique. Belly dance zills with an intense bell shape and of thicker material will provide a full loud ring during a long sustain as because of the density of the brass. Therefore, nowadays, you will find a wide variety of styles, shapes, or sizes of zills available.

The sound that a belly dancer plays with her finger cymbals or zills actually adds a new level of energy or excitement to the dance performance. Zills are available in many different colors, materials, shapes, sizes, and textures. Only you need to choose the set of zills that fits perfectly with your stage personality as well as your belly dance costume so that you can take your graceful dance show to the next level in order to captivate your audience. In present times, different reputed online stores offer zills for sale at much discounted prices even from world’s most renowned brands like Turquoise International, Saroyan, and much more.

Belly dancing Zills which are also know as Finger Cymbals or Sagats are belly dance musical instrument which belly dancers wear in fingers are available for wholesale price of $ 2 only. These finger cymbals are available in 7 designs in gold and silver and Copper colours. Whether you are professional belly dancer or you are just a newbie student who just started learning our zills are for you with multiple designs / sounds and colours you will find a perfect cymbals set for you.

These Finger Cymbals have two hole in front to hold it will.

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