08 pc Belly Dancing Finger Zills

Quantity: 8 pcs or say 4 pairs Size (Diameter): 2.5 inches Category: Belly Dancing ZillsMater..


16 Egyptian Oriental Belly Dance Zills Cymbals

Product: Belly dance zills cymbals American Tribal style Quantity: 16 pcs or say 4 p..


16 Pcs Belly Dance Zills And Finger Cymbals

Quantity: 16 pcs or say 8 pairs Size: 2.25" inches or say 6 cms (approx) Category: ..


16 Pcs Wholesale Tribal Fusion Belly Dance Sagats

Category: Belly Dance SagatsStyle: Khaleegy ZillsQuantity: 16 pcs or say 8 pairs Siz..


Wholesale 16 Middle Eastern Finger Cymbals

Style: Raqs Baladi Finger SagatsCategory: Wholesale ZillsQuantity: 16 pcs or say 8 pa..


16 Belly Dancing Finger Cymbals

Quantity: 16 pcs or say 8 pairsSize (Diameter): 2.5 inches Category: Belly Dance Finger CymbalsColo..


16 Pcs Australia Tribal Belly Dancing Professional Finger Cymbals

Quantity: 16 pcs or say 8 pairs Diameter: 2" inches / 5 pcs (appx) Category: Belly Dance ZilsStyle..


Wholesale 16 Zildjian Zills Finger Cymbals Belly Dance

Category: Baladi Sagats ZillsStyle: Zildjian finger cymbalsQuantity: 16 pcs or say 8 ..


10 Pairs Wholesale Belly Dance Fusion Sagats / Zils / Cymbals

Quantity: 5 Set (4 pcs per set) Size: 2.25" inches or say 6 cms (approx) Category: Wholesale Belly..


160 Belly Dance Zills Cymbals American Tribal style

Quantity: 160 pcs / 80 pairs Zills Size: 2.25 inches Category: Wholesale ATS ZillsC..


160 Pcs Belly Dance Zills Finger Cymbals Wholesale Price

Quantity: 160 pcs or say 80 pairs Size: 2 inchesCategory: Zills for Sale Design: Leaf de..


200 Pairs Bellydance Traditional Contemporary Sagats / Clappers

Category: Belly Dancing AccessoriesStyle: belly dance clappersFeature: finger clappersQuan..


400 Indian Gothic Belly Dance Zills for Sale

Quantity: 400 pcs or say 200 pairsSize of Zill: 2.25" inches Category: Gothic Belly Dance..


400 Pcs Persian Gulf Tribal Belly Dance Zills for Sale

Quantity: 400 pcs or say 200 pairs Size: 2 inches Category: Middle Eastern Folk Dan..


Belly Dance Zills

Wholesale Belly Dance Finger Cymbals (Zills)

Belly Dance Zills are the tiniest little props that significantly impact your performance and the viewers because of their pristine musical quality. These are finger cymbals available in 7 design variants on Store333, in Silver, Golden, and Coppery-bronze tones. These designs are most intricately carved on these pieces to give it that excellent aesthetic quality. Also known as Manjira Sets, these are a prevalent musical instrument that you will find in most Indian households. The quality of sounds produced using these props depends on how high or low quality the material build is. We have the most premium and high-quality Belly Dance Zills in variants like Egyptian Oriental, the Persian Gulf, and Tribal, helping you add another layer of charm to your performance at budget-friendly pricing.  

These Finger Cymbals have two hole in front to hold it will.  

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