100 Pcs pack of Long Brazilian Summer Dress

100 Pcs pack of Long Brazilian Summer Dress

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Style: Summer rayon dress
Quantity: 100 pcs

Fabric : Rayon

Category: Rayon Dresses

Measure (Approx):

Bust: 38- 44 Inches (Stretchable)

Height: 52- 54 inches (Strap adjustable)

Color: Mix assorted colors

Please Note: Due to operational concerns, this product will be shipped after 10 days of order placed.

A fashionable Brazilian Summer dress perfect for beach parties or BBQs. This is a gorgeous maxi dress that has layers of different shades of grey colour that fade into each other like clouds. The top is black and the shades go down to white on the hem. A modern, thin strap, sleeveless gown that lets you slay every other look. Wear it with flats or Cone heels.

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