Belly Dance Silk Veil

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NOTE: Due to silk fabric price hike, now minimum order quantity is 30 veils.

Fabric : Silk
Colour: Mix Assorted Colours, we usually make these veils in These Colours:
Single Colour: Lilac, White, Black, Green, Royal Blue, Orange, Maroon, Coffee, Gold, Copper, Burgundy, Teal , Lime Green, Violet, Red, Brown
Multiple Colours: Copper/Coffee, Black/Turquoise/Royal Blue, Violet/Burgundy, Teal/Black, Yellow/Mustard, Gold/Orange/Red, Black/Teal/Green, Lilac/Purple/Black, White?turquoise/Teal, Pink/Violet, Blue/Green, Orange/Violet, White/Grey, Black/Pink/Violet, Black/Red/Maroon, White/Purple, Turquoise/Violet/Mustard, White/Green
Tie Dye Colours: Black/White Tie Dye, Black/Orange Tie Dye, 
Black/Red Tie Dye, Black/Pink Tie Dye, Black/Turquoise Tie Dye, Black/Violet Tie Dye, Black/Blue Tie Dye
Style: Rectangle
Measurement (appx): 246 cms x 115 cms
Please note: you can buy 1 pc (white colour only) as sample to check.

Note: This item is made upon order only and it can take 25 to 30 days to ship this item.

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