Belly Dance Silk Veil

Belly Dance Silk Veil

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NOTE: Due to silk fabric price hike, now minimum order quantity is 50 veils.

Fabric : Silk
Colour: Mix Assorted Colours, we usually make these veils in These Colours:
Single Colour: Lilac, White, Black, Green, Royal Blue, Orange, Maroon, Coffee, Gold, Copper, Burgundy, Teal , Lime Green, Violet, Red, Brown
Multiple Colours: Copper/Coffee, Black/Turquoise/Royal Blue, Violet/Burgundy, Teal/Black, Yellow/Mustard, Gold/Orange/Red, Black/Teal/Green, Lilac/Purple/Black, White?turquoise/Teal, Pink/Violet, Blue/Green, Orange/Violet, White/Grey, Black/Pink/Violet, Black/Red/Maroon, White/Purple, Turquoise/Violet/Mustard, White/Green
Tie Dye Colours: Black/White Tie Dye, Black/Orange Tie Dye, 
Black/Red Tie Dye, Black/Pink Tie Dye, Black/Turquoise Tie Dye, Black/Violet Tie Dye, Black/Blue Tie Dye
Style: Rectangle
Measurement (appx): 246 cms x 115 cms
Please note: you can buy 1 pc (white colour only) as sample to check.

Note: This item is made upon order only and it can take 25 to 30 days to ship this item.

Accessorize your belly dance outfit with these beautiful veils. They are available in a set of 50 and are made of silk. They are available in solid colours, a combination of multiple colours as well as tie-dye colours. The fabric is rectangular measuring approximately 246 X 115 cms. They can be worn over your head paired with a belly dance headband, or around your neck or waist.

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