16 Belly Dancing Finger Cymbals

16 Belly Dancing Finger Cymbals

  • Product Code : 101003A
  • Availability : Made upon Order
  • $30.00

Quantity: 16 pcs or say 8 pairs
Size (Diameter): 2.5 inches
Category: Belly Dance Finger Cymbals
Colour: Golden
Zills Design: Carry

Carry these finger cymbals to complete your full belly dancing look. Available in a pack of 16 pieces, these pieces are of golden colour. They have a diameter of 2.5 inches. They have a delicate design along the circumference of the cymbals. When collided with each other, they present a loud but unique sound. Belly dancers use the sound to attract attention and to synchronize their moves with their co-dancers.

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