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Belly dance, also known as RaqsSharqi (Dance of the East) or Oriental Dance, is popular in the Middle East, North Africa, Hellas (Greece), and Turkey. It’s a hip-hop dance with undulations and hip movements. It is danced socially in homes, at weddings and festivities, as well as professionally in restaurants, parties, and theatres. Belly dancing outfits have a luxurious appearance. The brilliant colors create a cinematic atmosphere in which guests can explore the beautiful moments of the
performance. Well-decorated costumes are the most pleasing way to integrate true glitz into a party, and attendees feel better staying until the finish.

Store333 is a wholesale women’s clothing store. We are a group of garment sourcing experts, auditors, manufacturers, and super fashion designers and tailors. With each product, we strive to ensure that you’re getting the very best in terms of style, quality, and value for money, pocket-friendly. Working directly with our production team allows us to eliminate all middlemen and exercise direct quality control at a more affordable price. We sell under the popular brand name Wevez.

At Store333, you can find the classic two-piece sequined and jeweled headband, hand band, and belt combination with a crop top or blouse and a skirt. Today’s costumes come in a variety of forms, including those made of Lycra, mesh, and lace.

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