• From: US$10.00
  • Australia Long Embroidery Cute Trendy Dress
    From: US$10.00
  • 10 Womens Batik Dresses below Knee Length
    From: US$8.00
  • Embroidered Evening Dress
    From: US$8.00

Exclusive In-House Batik Print Collection

Dresses make for fashion statements like nothing else does. They are subtle and magnificent, all at the same time. You can wear these for a concert, or for a day out with friends. Our Batik range of Dresses brings forward to you this variety of style that dresses have an aura for. Batik, an Indonesian designing technique, is what we use to make these dresses. It is a dyeing technique used through wax-resist methods to give you an intricate design quality on a host of fabric varieties, made in vastly different and immaculate designs. Our designers create these with the utmost precision for all your styling needs to give an innovative boost to your wardrobe. With several designs and color options, you can now get your hands on this exclusive collection, only at Store333—the partner for all your fashion needs.

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