35 Yard Tribal Skirt variation 40 Colors

Make ready time is 6 days. Style: Full Skirt Category: 35 Yard Skirt Best Quality 35 ..


35 Yard Tribal Skirt variety colors

Style: Full Skirt Category: 35 Yard Skirts Note: This listing is only for skir..


32 Yard Skirts

Renaissance and Tribal Faire Skirts

32-Yard Skirts are one of our unique pieces and bestsellers. These are beautiful Poly-cotton skirts with a stretchable waistband that goes up to 50 inches and a hemline 32 yards long. The enormous hemline length enables you to use these skirts as wearable props for all your dance performances and musicals, and tribal faires. These look gorgeous as complementary pieces in a Belly Dance Costume. We also have a 35-yard skirt variation in this category. These beautiful pieces will cost you a lot less than what you would have to pay at a fancy boutique and will still give the feel of that handmade designer finish as we make these with the help of our in-house production team. These are available in a huge variety of colors, from solids to ombres, but you can also get your Custom made. Place your orders with us to get the perfect mix of quality and elegance right in your budget.

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