10 Womens Batik Dresses below Knee Length

10 Womens Batik Dresses below Knee Length

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Style: Summer Embroidery
Quantity: 10 Pcs

Measure (Approx):
Bust: 44 inches Length: 42 inches
Color: Mix assorted

Batik Dresses below Knee Length are a variety of umbrella or wide hem maxi and midi skirts. The dress is sleeveless and has a round neck with designer cloth patches of red, green or cream colour lining the neck, round the bust and the flounce over the black dress. It is a stylish beach dress that you can wear it to any other place such as parks, dates or at home. Big floral and botanical prints on the hem and cute ones on the chest region make the dress a best-seller. This modern dress would be a very nice choice for your wholesale store.

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