12 Yard Skirts

  • Women Multicolor Tie Dye Cotton 12 Yard Skirts
  • US$28.00
  • US$29.00
  • 12 Yard Belly Dancing Long Skirt
  • 12 Yard Skirts Wholesale 10 pcs
    From: US$140.00
  • 12 Yards Cotton White Persian Style skirt

    12 Yards Cotton White Persian Style skir...

  • US$20.00US$29.00
  • US$25.00US$29.00
  • US$22.00US$29.00
  • 12 yard professional tribal dance skirts

    12 Yard Professional Tribal Dance Skirts


    Materials : Cotton
    Pattern : 12 yard Skirts
    Category : Full Skirts
    Measure (Approx. ): Waist: 30 to 48 inches (stretchable elastic) & Length: 36 to 37 inches/92cm cms
    Note: This listing is only for skirt other accessory shown like top etc is not a part of the item.

  • US$29.00
  • US$29.00
  • 12 Yard Tribal Gypsy Skirt Turkish Belly Dance
  • 12 yard Tribal Dance Skirts

    12 yard Tribal Dance Skirts

  • US$29.00

Tribal Dance Skirts

Skirts have been in trend before fashion as a category even found its existence. As much as they are pretty, their versatility adds to the magnificence of this spectacular yet straightforward piece. Available in a wide variety, 12-yard skirts are the one essential in every girl’s wardrobe. Famous for their cotton and polyester blend variety, they come in a lot of different fabrics and styles. Wrinkled and crushed fabric skirts are some of the most popular ones among these. These are also available in Tribal Dance Variants. You can style these with T-shirts and Cami Tops to wear them for an everyday look, or maybe wear a crop-fit top to make it an outfit that stands out.

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