12 Indian Belly Dancing Hip Scarves

Color: mix
Quantity: 12
Measurement ( Approx)
Length: 61" inches
Width: 28" inches 
Fabric: 100 % Polyester Fabric
Note: Skirt not included

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Customer's Words

Kelly Jean 21/06/2016

Exactly as described. Arrived within days of purch..

Joëlle Méthé 13/04/2017

I've ordered customs skirts and received it in le..

Federica  Cavallaro 07/05/2016

I ordered some 25yard skirts for my bellydance com..

Lesieli Lash 26/10/2015

Excellent service and product..

Maria  Burkhart 03/06/2017

I received the skirts today in record time. They w..

Mike and Linda Barna 20/05/2016

Just wanted to let you know that we received all o..